Jennie Wyse Power – In politics for nearly 50 years

Jane O’Toole was born in Wicklow in 1858. Her home had been a safe house for Fenians and her brothers had taken part in the Fenian Rising in 1867. In 1881 she joined the Ladies Land League and was a visitor to Kilmainham Jail and other jails. She took books to the imprisoned and became a regular visitor to Parnell during his imprisonment in 1881-1882.

Turkish hlp for Ireland during the Famine

Abdulmejid succeeded his father as Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in July 1839. He received a European education and spoke fluent French. Many reforms were introduced by him during his 22-year reign.

An eventful life

Prince Philip, married to Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom, has represented the British monarchy for 70 years until he died within the last twelve months. He has represented the monarchy as an unchanging institution in a world that has changed beyond recognition.


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