Remembering Clive Staples (C.S) Lewis with some of his most famous quotes

Clive Staples Lewis, born on 29 November 1898, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was an author, essayist and Christian apologist. Lewis is best known for his children’s classic series ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. 

Remembering Patrick Kavanagh with some of his most famous quotes

Patrick Kavanagh born October 21st 1904, in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan, was an Irish poet and novelist. Kavanagh received only primary school education and at the age of thirteen, he became an apprentice shoemaker, following his father who was also a shoemaker. However, 15 months later he gave it up and for the next 20 years he would work on the family farm before moving to Dublin in 1939. 

Remembering Jonathan Swift with some of his most famous quotes

Jonathan Swift was an Irish author, clergyman and satirist. Born November 30, 1667, Swift is best known for writing ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, and being dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Ireland’s capital, Dubin. 


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