Nathan Carter – The Country king with broad appeal

Wagon Wheel is one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head once you hear it, and revellers aged from nine to ninety have been dancing, singing, whistling or humming along to it since Nathan Carter breathed new life into the song back in 2012.

Sharon Shannon: still pressing the right buttons

She was hailed as a national treasure on RTE’s Late Late Show tribute, broadcast before Christmas.  An accolade well-deserved by Sharon Shannon, the super-talented Clare Girl famed for her playing of The Galway Girl. For three illustrious decades the familiar sight of Sharon, with her radiant and captivating smile, playing the button accordion, has gladdened the hearts of music lovers.

Unique Irish tableware over half a century in the making

Looking to get your hands on unique and beautiful tableware, that is tough enough for everyday use? Nicholas Mosse has exactly that.

The Comeback Kid – Ken McGrath

A man was condemned to share a cell for one night with a deadly snake coiled taut in the corner. The man dare not sleep, move or even breathe deeply for fear of attracting the snake’s attention. As dawn lit the horizon, the man relaxed.

Mickey Harte – Tyrone’s great tactician

By John Scally It is the end of an era. Thirty unbroken seasons as Tyrone manager through minor, U21, and senior teams came to an end for Mickey Harte when he retired as Tyrone manager...

Brian Coll – An Irish country music legend

By James Reddiough It is with much sadness that this writer learned of the death of Brian Coll early in the hours of Sunday morning, 8th November, and I reflected and prayed for a wonderful...

Zak Moradi – Leitrim and Ramadi’s Hurling Star

It is not what you would expect. His father was from Ramadi, Iraq. So was his mother. Neither were from hurling strongholds. Yet he is a Leitrim hurler.

The Carlow Man Who Founded America’s Electoral College

Over the last few months, we have been immersed in American politics and the American electoral system. Indeed, the intricacies of the famous electoral college system in US politics have been engrained in our minds as we watched almost 150 million American voters cast their votes almost evenly for Biden and Trump, in one of the most talked about Presidential elections in recent US history.

Was Shakespeare a Catholic?

Shakespeare was born some 25 years after King Henry VIII broke with Rome and was baptised into the new Church of England at Stratford-upon-Avon, where his father was a prominent citizen.

Castle and 500 acres has endless possibilites!

Fancy yourself living like Sir Winston Churchill did in this Midlands castle in the rolling countryside? Well if you have €5M it could be yours! Knockdrin Castle is one of the finest picturesque castellated...

A journey through a miner’s life

The crunch of the ground beneath the feet, the dripping of water overhead, the intensity of the darkness in areas without lighting, the sheer sense of the incredible endurance of those men who worked...

Michael Darragh MacAuley: A Concerned Citizen

By John Scally Dublin star Michael Darragh MacAuley follows the advice of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” The 2013 Footballer of the Year, is a man with a strong social conscience. He...

Female Politicians

By Aileen Atcheson Charles Stewart Parnell was President of the Land League and Home Rule MP during the 1870s and 1880s. Fanny and Anna were his younger sisters. They came from a Protestant background and...

The Rocky Road to Somewhere

By Peter P Dobbing For far too many years, relationships across the Irish Sea were a trifle fraught as they say, not necessarily between the people but between the politicians. Thankfully, things are much better...

Lessons I Happily Learned at Primary School

By Tom Ryan Were my schooldays the happiest days of my life? Maybe not all of them but I do have many pleasant memories of days at Scoil Ailbhe, the Thurles CBS Primary School, now...