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Spike Island: The Irish ‘Alcatraz’ that has a sense of escape

Spike Island, branded ‘Ireland’s Alcatraz’ has become one of Ireland’s most successful visitor attractions. The island of 103 acres (42 hectares) usurped some of the biggest sites in global tourism by being named Europe's latest tourist attraction in 2017 - assigned the accolade at the World Travel Awards 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia.

The FCA Summer Camp

The order, delivered in a strong Dublin accent and at a high decibel level had the opposite effect on me to that which it would appear was intended – it caused me to freeze on the spot.

When Zelenskyy came to Drogheda

I wasn’t sure how Volodymyr Zelenskyy was going to react to Ireland’s position on the Ukraine situation  - I refuse to call it a war; it was an invasion – when his foreign minister made a call for arms recently.

Louth’s worst maritime disaster

A gut-churning screech of grating metal reverberated through the bowels of the ‘Retriever’, as the sudden collision sent a shuddering spasm down the ship’s spine; jolting her from bow to stern. Instinctively, James Boyle the cabin boy, raced up onto the deck and straight into a nightmarish scene.

Country music radio with global appeal

After 14 years of continuous broadcasting Irish Country Music Radio has established itself as Ireland’s leading dedicated online Country and Irish music station, with a loyal growing listenership worldwide, and a good rapport with artists whose music is played on the station. The station’s programmes, attract a listenership, in Ireland and elsewhere, particularly in the UK, the US & Canada, Continental Europe, and Australia & New Zealand.

Fungie: a true friend of mankind

Fungie, a true friend of mankind, his love he shared a hundredfold, a Kerry boy to the back bone, his enchanted spirit blest with pure jumps of joy, softness gleam through water deep, familiar sight of dingle pier, radiant light you shone each season of the year, summer golden honeyed breezes brought children from far and near

Was wartime neutrality in Éire’s national interest?

Much has been written on the subject of Éire’s neutrality during the Second World War. Éire’s neutrality however, was a multifaceted issue. Subsequently, this article will attempt to evaluate whether or not wartime neutrality was in Éire’s national interest. 

Language Diversity in China

Language scholars list ten different varieties of Chinese, although some sources only list eight because the last two are only spoken by less than 1% of the population. These variants are written using Chinese characters and do not have their own written form.

Players of the Faithful

This year marks the 40th anniversary of perhaps the most famous match in the history of the GAA. The late Eugene McGee brought Offaly back to the top table after Kevin Heffernan’s Dublin had reigned supreme in Leinster for years.

The Welsh Butterflies

Some years ago, my husband and I were driving along the coast of North Wales, taking a scenic route from Holyhead to London. We had just disembarked from the Dublin/Holyhead ferry, and were on our way to visit our younger daughter, then studying in London.

Going to the Pictures

I didn’t really like war films when I was young. I used to get bored watching cities being bombed when there was no human interest. The storylines in these kinds of films were pretty standard. A guy would stand in a trench telling his friend about his sweetheart. Often he’d take out a picture of her.

A Special Confession

Michael smiled as he sat in his old parish church, reflecting upon the tricks childhood memories play on adult minds. The building he had remembered as magnificent in his youth seemed small and only modestly impressive so many years later. He had for some time intended to go back to visit Father O’ Sullivan who still held the position of parish priest there. The opportunity presented itself when his work took him to the area where he had lived until he reached the age of sixteen.

A Million Miles from Home

During the course of a major project the engineers experience many phases - enthusiasm, worry, despair, working long unpaid hours, seeking essential parts made from unobtainium and facing huge overspends. Finally it is done, someone presses the start button – panels light up, motors pick up speed and things move.

Croagh Patrick, St Patrick’s Chair and the Rolling Sun

Those of us who would like to go but will be unlikely to ever attend Newgrange on Winter Solstice and who end up being disappointed with the recordings, broadcasting and online streaming of the annual event should consider a “sunny alternative” spectacle. Discovered by the late Gerry Bracken in the 1980/90s, this phenomenon is not as widely known as its County Meath counterpart but just as astonishing.