The sayings of Maeve Binchy

By Martin Gleeson

Maeve, born in May 1939, was brought up in Dalkey, Dublin.
After her primary and secondary education, she earned a degree in History at University College, Dublin. She then taught in a variety of girls’ schools.

In 1968, she went of a trip to Israel and worked in a kibbutz. To reassure her parents about her safety, she wrote letters home. Her father got these letters published in the ‘Irish Times’. As a result, Maeve began writing travel articles.

She wrote two books of short stories and her first novel ‘Light a Penny Candle’ was published in 1982. This was followed by 15 more novels.
Cinemas goers will remember her films, ‘Circle of Friends (1995) and ‘Tara Road’ (2005).

Maeve was happily married to writer Gordon Snell from 1977 until her death on 30th July, 2012.
She had been one of Ireland’s best-loved and successful writers .

These are some of her wise sayings:

“Everyone is a hero in their own story if you just look.”

“If you woke up every morning and immediately dwelt on your ills, what sort of day could you look forward to?”

“Women who start out as ugly ducklings, don’t become swans. What they mainly become is confident ducks.”

“ We have to make our own happiness and we have to make our own decisions and play the hand that is dealt to us.”

“If you don’t go to a dance, you can never be rejected, but you’ll never get to dance, either.”

“All I ever wanted to do is to write stories that people will enjoy and feel at home with.”