Start your plastics free journey with Bambrew

Bambrew is a small start-up business based in Co. Westmeath, providing eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. Its founder, Siobháin Gibbons started the business in 2018, after purchasing a reusable cup for her partner René. After that purchase, Siobháin began some research into how many single use cups were used in Ireland.

As she says herself, she got the shock of her life to find that 22,000 single use coffee cups are disposed of every hour in Ireland, that is 528,000 every day and 200 MILLION every year. These cups cannot be disposed of in recycling bins. Even ‘compostable’ cups are rarely composted as they require very specific facilities and conditions and need to be commercially composted at a waste facility.

Reading these shocking statistics led Siobháin to the decision to start a business providing more sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. She can only describe it as a light bulb moment and something she could not ignore, so hey presto, Bambrew was born. René came up with the name and designed the logo, pretty cool!

Selling reusable bamboo and glass coffee cups, Bambrew was a-go. Over 2019, the range of products was extended to include stainless steel water bottles, stainless steel straws, natural bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo infuser flasks and bamboo cutlery sets. All of these products can be taken with you everywhere saving you using plastic single use products.

The Power of Collaboration

Irish Designed Tumbler Coffee Cups.

In 2020, Siobháin collaborated with talented Irish artist Corina Fitzgibbon who created wonderful artwork for Bambrew’s exclusive new range of double walled stainless steel cups and water bottles.

The First Edition of this exclusive range was launched at Showcase 2020 at the RDS in Dublin. The first design – ‘Irish Wildflowers’ is inspired by the Irish countryside and our beautiful flowers. If you look closely, you will discover the Lily to represent Siobháin’s home county of Kildare, which also turned out to be Corina’s home county!

The second design – ‘Tea and Coffee’ was inspired by the Irish love of coming together over a hot cuppa, catching up with friends and family and having a chat or even someone who is being treated to famous Irish hospitality, arriving a stranger, and leaving a friend.

Bambrew launched the Second Edition of their exclusive Irish Designed range at the latest Showcase Ireland 2022, which again took place in the RDS. A brand new 20oz stainless steel cup, suitable for any size drink from 10oz to 20oz. Your drink stays hot for up to 3 hours and cups are double walled for your protection.

A new member of the Bambrew reusable cup family was also launched at this year’s Showcase. The 20oz double walled stainless steel ‘Reusable Travel Cup of Irish Sayings’ cup is another one of a kind, exclusive Bambrew design, guaranteed to last for years to come, saving hundreds of thousands of single use cups ending in landfill, giving you the feel good factor every time you take a sip of your drink, what’s not to love!!

20oz Stainless Steel Cup.

How to start your plastics free journey today

You can start cutting down on your plastic waste in a few simple steps, ditching single use cups, water bottles and straws and choosing reusables instead. Take one step at a time to make your zero waste journey easier. Join the Bambrew Crew on The Reuse Revolution and ditch the disposables. As they say, ‘There is no Planet B’ and take it #onestepatatime.

You can find the full range of products on the Bambrew website or contact Bambrew for wholesale prices through email:

Get a sneak peak of the products sold at Bambrew on their Facebook: @gobambrew and or Instagram: @gobambrew. Or click here to watch a short video on Bambrew. What are you waiting for?!

Congratulations to Siobháin and the team at Bambrew on winning the Accessories Category in the Ireland’s Eye Best of Ireland Awards, 2021.

We wish Siobháin every success in the future and look forward to seeing further collections and new products.

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