Russia’s Alien Landing – Fact or Fiction?

By Joseph Coleman

For many years we have read of alien sightings, abductions and crash-landings. Here is one alien crash that little is known about, even to this day.

Back in the summer of 1908 in the Tunguska area of north-east Sumarokovo, Russia, a remote impoverished area known for its nomadic people back then. One the morning of July 1st, 1908, witnesses observed what appeared to be a meteor moving rapidly towards earth.

When they observed it further, this proved not to be the case as it approached Tunguska Forest. They saw a large crescent-shaped object that seemed to be red-hot emitting flames that trailed for some distance behind the craft. Just before impact, the craft exploded with such force that the energy generated devastated a 60-mile radius of forest. Everything, inside this area was incinerated, including all the birds and animals.


From a forest of lively bird and animal activity, it was transformed into an eerie wilderness of death and destruction. The residing nomads, already surviving on their meagre rations, now faced ruin as their herds of reindeer and other grazing animals in the forest were incinerated.

Even though some of the nomad’s dwellings were on the edge of the blast, they were still lifted off the ground and rammed into trees, resulting in broken backs and death from the shock waves. Also, their tents and few possessions were ripped to shreds. No one would go near the forest, afraid of being exposed to a similar explosion or alien attack.

Within weeks of the disaster, other families outside the shock-wave zone got sick, while rashes and burns appeared on their skin. The nomads saw the mega explosion as a bad omen; and moved away to another distant area. However, when the authorities and scientists did eventually interview the eyewitnesses that were left, and took their statements about the flaming object, they could not could to a satisfactory conclusion.

This was because the witnesses inaccuracies – some said: ‘It’ was a meteor.” While other were adamant “It was a disc-shaped object.” However, those unalterable views between the eyewitnesses aroused heated debate and bewilderment between the authorities and scientists; both groups left the area perplexed.

If had been an alien craft, what was it carrying that could have caused such devastation? One has to remember the release of energy from the blast was comparable to 30 Atom bombs; similar to the one dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. If this was the case, it would only take 6 similar craft to wipe out the USSR, China, or the USA.


Was the Tunguska explosion a trial run that went drastically wrong? Or was it a remote-control craft sent to central Russia to see what devastation it could produce? If this was the alien objective, it certainly had the desired effect, as the blast was felt and witnessed 250 miles away. One must remember this was in 1908 before scientists had developed nuclear weaponry – so we can only imagine what progress and weapon advancement those aliens would have at their disposal today. Could it be that aliens could be observing our planet and see us an untutored civilization who settle our differences by engaging in warfare and the demise of our people?

Anyhow, the Tunguska Forest area was cordoned off with warning signs, prohibiting entry. When scientists and government officials eventually returned to the site some time later, they again came up with a blank. There was no evidence of rock fragments of debris from a spacecraft, just and eerie wilderness, so no definite explanation could be found.

Perhaps when the explosion occurred just before impact, everything was fragmented or vaporized. Other than that, the whole area was cleaned by aliens, who probably had ‘with their advanced technology’ a magnetic-vacuum device that would clear the area in a few hours. Or had they some essential reason for removing that particular craft? Perhaps it was their intention to deliberately crash-land archaic spacecraft, so our scientists could have snippets of useless information?

However, regarding UFOs and alien observers, some people seem to have an unquenchable curiosity for such matters, while others take a sceptical view, and dismiss them as nonsense. Yet each year brings more and more witnesses from all corners of the globe, claiming to have seen some kind of weird flying spacecraft; surely they can’t all be wrong?

Even to this day, lack of evidence in the Tunguska explosion still remains a cryptic web of mystery, but according to scientists – it was the most powerful explosion witnessed on our planet since records began.