Cliona Hagan – The Tyrone singer oozing with talent

By Mary Mooney

When you hear Cliona Hagan sing, and if you did not know any better, you’d swear she came out of Nashville. This young Tyrone-born beauty is oozing with talent and confidence, such is her vocal ability and great stage presence. She is steadily climbing the showbiz ladder to success. After the reaction to her debut single, ‘We’re All Gonna Die Someday,’ Cliona has been spreading her wings. Without a shadow of a doubt she is one of the best female country singers to emerge on the country scene in recent times. This tall, good looking lass has a fine musical pedigree behind her. Music has always been close to her heart, having preformed at the Grand Opera House, Belfast for the BBC Radio Ulster Christmas spectacular show at the tender age of nine. At the age of twelve she guested on the Late Late Toy Show on RTÉ and on that occasion sang ‘Silent Night.’

Growing up with a love of singing, it was inevitable that at some stage she would seek a career in music. Cliona went on to have her voice classically trained. Success was on the cards again as she graced the stage preforming on the BBC’s ‘Heart & Soul’ TV show as well as in the Welsh Opera (Excelsior of Love). Excitement again followed for Cliona in 2009 as she made it to the finals of RTÉ’s ‘All Ireland Talent Show’ representing County Tyrone. She quickly discovered that her heart and soul belonged to country music, and that’s where she wanted to be.

Despite her love of this music genre, Cliona kept her head on her shoulders and went on to get a good education. Following her GCSE’s and A-levels, she headed off to study at Queen’s University, Belfast achieving a music degree, followed by a PGCE secondary degree in music from Edinburgh University. Despite her career as a music teacher, performing country music on stage is where Cliona is at home. Her recordings are being played on all the major local and on-line radio stations, and as well as guesting on various shows throughout the country, her videos are also being shown on major country TV shows such as ‘Hot Country,’ Keltic Country’ and ‘Ireland’s Country,’ on Irish TV and more.

Cliona is now under the management of singer/musician Aiden Quinn and plans are currently being put in place for Cliona Hagan to take to the road with her own backing band in May, 2016. Her new video release, ‘Cowboy Yodel Song,’ is winning her wide acclaim. With her star-studded good looks, musical and singing talents and great stage presence, Cliona Hagan is destined for greater things to come and we wish her well.