Bring it back to life with MD Serendipity Designs

From cocktail cabinets to kitchen tables, no task is too big or small for Mary Serendipity Designs, who brings the old back to life from her workshop in Buncrana, Co. Donegal. MD Serendipity Designs is a unique business, that specialises in the restoration and redesign of vintage furniture to create one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces.

The Longford native has been making a storm on social media with her restoration wonders, with furniture once destined for the skip being restored to its former glory.

Mary and husband Kevin, who she met accidentally in Chicago almost 25 years ago, when she caught the wrong train, have built a life together in the breath-taking hills of Donegal. Mary and Kevin have four children, Shauna, Patrick, Danny, and Cora.

Specialising in Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Mary says she “has always had a passion for taking neglected unwanted items and turning them into something special.” What saw the start of MD Serendipity Design were these unusual times we are living through. Mary found the time to turn her passion into the fully fledged bespoke furniture restoration business we see and love today.

Unique and Bespoke furniture.

Mary says, “there is something very satisfying about preserving the past and I carry immense admiration for the original craftsmanship that has gone into my furniture and that’s what I pride myself on enhancing it’s character and era rather than obscuring it.”

With each piece of restoration work bringing its own challenges, Mary takes great care with each masterpiece from start to finish. “I reimagine and restore vintage and unwanted furniture into bespoke quality sustainable pieces. I name every piece and write a story or poem to accompany them.”

“My furniture pieces are completely unique, and all hand printed. I strip back to the original grain. Every piece is hand sanded and the wood is conditioned and oiled. I paint, stencil, and seal the pieces, add light mirrors, legs, and shelves – all to enhance the finished product.”

Ditch the brand new furniture and instead immerse yourself in the beauty MD Serendipity Design creates.

MD Serendipity Designs.

Fore more information or to shop MD Serendipity Designs you can directly visit the website here. Mary would love to hear from you so feel free to contact by phone: 086 232 6048 or alternatively drop an email to:

Check out MD Serendipity Designs for a sneak peak of new and upcoming pieces here on Facebook or Instagram.

Congratulations to Mary on winning the Furniture Category in the Ireland’s Eye Best of Ireland Awards, 2021.

We wish Mary every success in the future and look forward to seeing further unique and bespoke designs.

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