Carrageen Irish moss at core of health products

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ANU Earth specialises in effective, natural, anti-ageing skin health products and natural eco-soy wax candles, for wellbeing and home fragrance luxury.

The products are made with safe, natural plant based ingredients and therapeutic essential oils. The skincare range contains the nutrient dense seaweed, Carrageen Irish Moss, for nourished, healthy radiant skin.

Owner of ANU Earth Caitríona Breathnach.

The products are handmade by the brand’s owner, Caitríona Breathnach. She makes her products in her workshop in the Dublin mountains and sells them online and in her shop in the craft courtyard in South Dublin’s beautiful Marlay Park.

She founded the business shortly after the birth of her children.

“Over the years, I developed reactions to ingredients in skincare products and after having children, I wondered about the unnecessary chemicals in the everyday things my family was using; things as basic as soap and bubble bath.”

It was while conducting her research that Caitríona discovered the benefits of including Carrageen Irish Moss in her skincare products. This edible seaweed from the Wild Atlantic Way is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The moss has been harvested in Ireland for centuries for medicinal purposes and offers many health benefits. When included in skincare formulations, it has a great ability to help the skin to attract and retain moisture, keeping it soft and supple. It’s also loaded with skin health vitamins and minerals which promote cell renewal and tissue repair, along with the production of collagen to keep our skin younger-looking.

“I learned how to provide a better alternative by creating cold processed soap, handmade balms and moisturisers that are safe, natural and what’s more-actually good for skin” says Caitríona. “Every ingredient is added for its specific skin benefit. What is not added is equally important”

Her skincare products are trial- tested and effective. The range includes a daily moisturiser for men and for women, a variety of hand lotions, a luxurious lavender overnight balm (best seller and has been dubbed Beauty Sleep in a Jar), a fragrance free hot cloth cleansing balm, a range of moisturising soaps and a foot balm for overworked feet-all containing natural ingredients, enriched with Carrageen Irish Moss.

ANU Earth’s candles are made using 100% natural eco-soy wax, a natural, renewable resource. They burn cleaner, are non-toxic and cooler burning, so they last for longer. They are hand poured and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. The range offers many health and wellness benefits. From lifting your mood to relaxing for the evening, the scent combinations can create the atmosphere you desire.

ANU Earth Skincare

For more information and to shop for your own ANU Earth products, visit or if you’re in Dublin, visit the Craft Courtyard in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham. Use discount code IRELANDSEYE for 10% discount until 31/8/21

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