Fungie: a true friend of mankind

By Maurice Canning

Fungie, a true friend of mankind, his love he shared a hundredfold, a Kerry boy to the back bone, his enchanted spirit blest with pure jumps of joy, softness gleam through water deep, familiar sight of dingle pier, radiant light you shone each season of the year, summer golden honeyed breezes brought children from far and near, fresh sweet fragrance from the sea you thrilled their hearts the livelong day, filled the harbour with magic joy, cannot be replaced found the roots of peace and love put excitement in the air, the sun is almost set you will never be forgotten for your enchantment ways, flow gently to the land of drams across the deep blue sea into a place where you can rest sweet dreams of dingle bay I hope you will reach your blest abode, you where our glorious guest for a score and many years farewell true faithful friend beneath the moon on the ocean bed may you find the sweetness rest, no sound if rippling water ascending in the bay no smiling face to great us, friendship love and trust our moment passed from your love fountains blow, rills of pleasure heaven bestowed, a treasure a memory forever more, like the sun retires to rest your smiling face your graceful ways we shall miss as time goes by, swim softly to immortality.

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