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Cliona Hagan – The Tyrone singer oozing with talent

When you hear Cliona Hagan sing, and if you did not know any better, you’d swear she came out of Nashville. This young Tyrone-born beauty is oozing with talent and confidence, such is her vocal ability and great stage presence.

Gone with the Wind – The Irish Link

Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel of love, jealousy, loyalty and war, “Gone with the Wind” was published in June, 1936. Producer David O. Selznick, recognising its cinematic potential, bought the film rights from Mitchell for fifty thousand dollars in July of the same year.

The Lure of Charity Shops

Anytime I stop in a big town I try to search out local charity shops. Finding them is not easy sometimes, because of inconspicuous shop-fronts.

The Irish in Australia: explorers and settlers

In the early decades of European settlement in Australia, the majority of Irish people were convicts. There was only one thing worse than an Irish convict man: an Irish convict woman!