Ireland's Eye Staff


The Big Snow of 1947

As the countryside disappeared under a blanket of snow, schools were closed as children found themselves up to their waists in snow on the walk, and they were told by teachers to go home to where they would be safe.

The taste of Irish food

Today in Ireland we've an amazing choice of foods. There are ‘healthy’ foods, slimming foods and organic foods. And all are easily obtainable, fresh and hygienically packed from your local supermarket.

Jimmy Kennedy – Ireland’s Most Successful Songwriter

Jimmy had been writing poems and songs from an early age and while he was waiting to be posted to Nigeria, he embarked on a career as a professional songwriter by joining a Denmark Street music publishing firm.

How to live to be one-hundred-years-old

Whenever people in Ireland reach their hundredth birthday, part of the price they pay for collecting the President's monetary award is to say exactly what it was that kept them alive so long.

The Electric Car: Short or Long Term?

Most of us are aware of the electric car and the claims made by manufacturers exhorting us to buy the latest and greatest. Many such claims are likely to have at least an element of truth but it will be many years before a new technology can realize its full potential.

32 Lakes in 32 Counties

I was born in Co. Fermanagh within sight of the winding banks of Erne, and the lakes of Ireland have always held for me a deep and enduring fascination.

The Funny Side of the GAA

From the beginning the GAA has had a history of abrasive characters, with the gift of rubbing people up the wrong way. Michael Cusack will always be remembered for his role in founding the GAA in 1884.

A Russian Girl in Ireland

While spending time at an English school in Dublin, an Irish friend I met asked me to write down what I thought about Ireland. It was suggested to me that I say something about Russia too.

The Battle of Kinsale

The Battle of Kinsale has been marked on the Irish side by a series of mistakes, misadventures and failure of proper communication that dogged this major historical event, and which would have repercussions over the following 400 years for Ireland.

The Magic of the Cinema Long Ago

No child of modern times could imagine the magic long ago attached to going to the pictures. We had no television in Ireland in the fifties and radio was operated with wet and dry batteries, which our family bought in O’Donoghue’s Electrical in Thurles.