Ireland's Eye Staff

Gabriel Byrne: a man of stage and screen

Gabriel Byrne’s return to the Gaiety Theatre for his wildly acclaimed Walking with Ghosts was greeted with elation by his millions of fans. After the grim months of lockdown we could again watch one of Ireland’s greatest international actors holding up a mirror to our society, past and present; and offering insights into his own creative journey.

The School around the Corner

Dublin-born Paddy Crosby attended St Paul’s Christian Brothers School in North Brunswick Street. Locals always called this school “Brunner”. Years later, when he had finished his studies in St Patrick’s Training College and UCD Paddy taught in St Paul’s until his retirement. Paddy was a keen hurler and handball player.

Lough Derg – the inspiration for Dante’s Inferno

Last year marked the 700th anniversary of the death of the Italian poet Dante, an occasion celebrated throughout Italy with open-air readings, on-line conferences and the publication of books and papers. What isn’t perhaps widely known is that an inspiration for the first book of his Divine Comedy is a legend associated with the cave (since destroyed) known as St Patrick’s Purgatory, on Station Island, Lough Derg.